Why We Homeschool

Why We Homeschool

Why do we homeschool? I can’t pinpoint a single reason why. If you’re not familiar with homeschooling, you may not realize that it isn’t just a form of education; it’s a lifestyle.

When you choose to home educate your children, you place yourself on a path that is different from the rest of society.

Your days are structured differently. Your schedule is different. The amount of time you spend with you children is different. Homeschooling is weird… and that’s okay.

I guess if I needed to break it down into a list, I would hit on five key reasons, in no particular order:

  1. Fides Quarens Intellectum: Faith Seeking Understanding.
    You may recognize this as the slogan of every classical Christian prep school ever, and it is for good reason. This three word phrase incapsulates the impetus of Christian education.
    I homeschool to provide my children with an educational environment that embraces their faith and their minds as working together and not in opposition.
  2. Time-efficient Education.
    So much time is wasted in the public schools. Kids spend too long hearing the same thing over and over because that’s the only way the teachers have of making sure that their class of 30 heard and understood the lesson. Homeschool cuts out a lot of unneeded repetition and makes better use of the day. This helps kids be less frustrated in their studies and frees up more of the day for other kinds of school or just for playing and pursuing other things.
  3. I’m jealous of my time with my kids.
    Honestly, I can’t imagine letting someone else have all those hours in the day. I love my children. Furthermore, I like them. I want to see them grow. I want to help them grow and learn and become adults. I want to see all the different stages… all the different obsessions, loves, and hates. I want it all, and I don’t want someone else to have it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no getting back your child’s childhood.
  4. One-On-One.
    You can’t beat having one student and one teacher tackling a confusing problem. Homeschoolers aren’t a bunch of geniuses who don’t need teachers—they’re regular kids who struggle and fail and need help. One of the great things about homeschooling is that the teacher (me) sees the struggles right away, and we can work on them one-on-one for as long as needed. This time of freedom and focus simply isn’t available in any other educational setting.
  5. Let them be kids.
    The other day, we had the first sunny day all week because of Spring storms, and Becky and Ray were playing outside. I’d been prepping some soil for sod and was about to call them in to do some school when I stopped. What was I thinking? They’re outside playing together. Why in the world would I interrupt that?
    This is especially relevant now while they’re just 5 and 4 years old. But it continues to be important, even when they’re teenagers. Teenagers need free time, too! They need to play, too! I can’t imagine my high school years without time to be free and pursue things that I thought were fun.
    Adulthood comes soon enough. Let them play.

There are so many reasons why we homeschool, but for me at least, I think those five points are the big ones. We could also hit upon flexible schedules, better diets, time with siblings, time to pursue talents, and so much more.

As much of a pain as it can be sometimes, I love homeschooling, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ Lee