Wednesday Updates 5/31/17

Currently... May: Truly, May is my least favorite month. It comes at the end of the spring semester, which is always harder and/or more stressful than the fall semester. It's too busy. School wraps up, which is a busy time, and then immediately you're expected to start doing summer things. Swim lessons. Mowing. Play dates... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 5/24/17

Currently... Watching: We finally got to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Super behind the times, I know. I enjoyed it, but it's annoying how so many people can't imagine the United States beyond New York City. Sure, if the US wizards' government is based in NYC, it makes sense that the movie would... Continue Reading →

Finding the Balance: Screen Time

Just last night, I was about to get up and make Patrick stop messing around with the iPad when I heard him singing along with the alphabet song. Immediately, I calmed down and pushed all the haters regarding screen time aside. He's looking at the Starfall ABC app. He's learning his ABCs and, hopefully, learning... Continue Reading →

Friday Mish-Mash

So busy. So Sleepy. The hubs just left the house to do his part in the graduation ceremony at the university. Once he comes back, we'll have to assess the stickiness of his doctoral robes to determine a) if they need to be cleaned, and if so, b) who in the world do we trust... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 5/17/17

Currently... Weather: This spring hasn't had very many scary storms for us (though that isn't true of the entire state). Before we went to bed last night, I checked the hourly forecast and saw there was a 50% change for scattered t-storms, beginning after midnight. Sure enough, I was wakened by lightning and thunder at... Continue Reading →

1 Year of Buffy

And, no, I don't mean the Vampire Slayer, I mean the BUFFSTER! OMIGERSH SHE WAS SO CUUUUUUUUTE! She's still cute, but not that cute. Gorgeous dog. Becoming quite a nice pet, honestly 🙂 ~ Lee

Ever-Changing, Ever-Homemaking

When the Hubster and I were house hunting over a year ago now, we were looking for something that would last for a long time--a house we wouldn't want to leave. A house that fit our needs as well as our wants... Something that could, feasibly, be the final home we ever purchased. Will it be?... Continue Reading →

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