I Homeschool This Way Because I Think It’s Fun

Do you actively enjoy homeschooling? You probably enjoy the extra free time, the flexibility, and a myriad of other things. But, do you enjoy the homeschooling itself? I enjoy some parts of it better than others, and which parts I enjoy more depends greatly on the day! One thing I've noticed, though, is that I… Continue reading I Homeschool This Way Because I Think It’s Fun


Wednesday Updates 5/2/17

Catching the wind: Cooking: For dinner tonight, we're having biscuits from Aldi and some turkey sausage patties, courtesy of yours truly. Also, I bought more zucchini without realizing we still had some in the fridge, so we're having zucchini!!!! I'm not sure what I would do if my kids tried to be picky eaters. I… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 5/2/17

Friday Mish-Mash

Friday is here, you guys!!!! YAY!!!!! This weekend, I need to be able to spend some time with my hubby. This time of the semester, it just seems like we don't have a chance to talk to each other. https://www.facebook.com/AmericaVersusbyattn/videos/1811303369177914/ We are a shoe free home, and I'm grateful for it. My floors stay visibly… Continue reading Friday Mish-Mash

Wednesday Updates 4/25/18

It's been a weird spring here in OK. We've had some warm days, but we're also had a lot of downright chilly ones. Today is cool and rainy. As inconvenient as rain can be, I mustn't complain, because we definitely need it! Routine: I'm definitely a routine person. I love my daily routine. I thrive… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 4/25/18

Wednesday Updates 4/18/18

That Home School: Trying to solidify Becky's understanding of adverbs and prepositions this week. It isn't especially easy to stay patient when you're dealing with a six-year-old little girl who seems to be on the verge of tears all the time, just in case something slightly difficult or troubling should happen to her. I don't say… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 4/18/18

The Good Reasons Why I Homeschool Aren’t Judgement on You…

Have you ever found yourself  feeling like you can't justify why you homeschool because it sounds like you're passing judgement on others? Example: "We're glad we're able to homeschool since the schools around here are so poorly rated." If you let this slip to someone who has kids in the local public school system, all of a… Continue reading The Good Reasons Why I Homeschool Aren’t Judgement on You…