Wednesday Updates 12/6/17

Hey, everyone. How’s your week going?

Mine’s been… okay. I’ve been productive, marching down that to-do list with such tasks as double-checking our dog’s reservation at the boarder and scrubbing the cr@p out of our shower, which had started to get some kind of black stuff in the corners.


Showers are kinda icky, honestly. They’re prone to getting stuff in them, even if you’re careful about using the vent and all that. During the summer, our shower seems particularly prone to getting that orangey-pink slimy stuff, which is actually a bacteria called serratia marcescens . Ew.

Bleach is supposed to be the best way to kill it, but if you don’t like using bleach on the regular, it is my personal experience that a mixture of vinegar, Dawn, and warm water applied vigorously with a brush is the best way to get rid of that stuff… even better than a purchased cleaner.
In the colder months, however, it seems that the shower is more prone to mold/mildew than the pink slime.



I had a Sega Genesis growing up, but it seems like everybody else had a Nintendo 64. I would’ve loved a Nintendo, don’t get me wrong, but I also really liked out Sega games, which were mostly Disney related. As such, I occasionally enjoy playing The Lion King and Toy Story on this website. They also have many different versions of Sonic. So, if you’re a fan of 90s games, you should check it out.

Gifts and Gift-Giving Complications:

So, I’m from a big family, and as my siblings and I are all getting older and starting to have our own families, I’ve been wondering about gifts. Do you have a strategy for gift-giving to extended family members? We’re at a stage in our lives where there’s no way we can afford to give a real present to everybody, much less the more extended family members, such as aunts, great aunts, my cousins, etc.

Design Mom had a piece on gift-giving this week and it got me thinking about how, sometime soon, me and my siblings are going to need to sit down and hash this one out so that nobody’s feelings are hurt.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

How is Christmas preparation going in your home? Do you have a tree? Stockings? Presents?

I’m done on the presents front except for one, which I’m still in the process of making. Our tree is up, and so are the stockings. Our home looks Christmasy, and I love it.

The Advent wreath is on the table, and we lit the first candle Sunday evening. It’s pretty special… Sure, we deal with the frustrations of trying to help our kids be respectful and listen to the Bible passages patiently instead of arguing over who gets to blow out the candle… actually, that’s mostly what we do. Maybe, eventually, it will be more of a spiritual experience instead of a blood-pressure-raising frustration-fest.


~ Lee



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