Thursday Updates 8/10/17

Not at home, which means posts are scattered.


Crab Hunting:

I’d never been down to the beach after dark, so this was a new experience 🙂 I took the kids with the neighbors down to the beach to hunt crabs (for fun). The kids all had their own flashlight, which of course was a treat by itself.

The crabs were interesting. The moment it was dark, suddenly the waves were teeming with them. We caught a few and let the kids see them. Mostly, Becky and the neighbor girl squealed as the crabs swam over their feet in the waves. Ray didn’t squeal, but he did make strange noises 🙂 Patrick was interested in the crabs and kept wanting me to catch more.


Oh, and we also briefly caught a fish. Don’t worry–all sea life was returned after being observed.

Two more days of beach fun, then we’re back to OK for the semester!

~ Lee


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