Week Update/Traveling!

We are…


We’re in Florida with my in-laws until the end of this week–A final trip before the semester starts 🙂

Patrick experience his first commercial flight this go-round, and it went very well. All in all, Patrick is a very happy, easy toddler, so I wasn’t expecting any major issues. But, hey, it’s flying, so you never know what’s going to happen.

He was SO thrilled about all the planes. He screamed over and over again (happily) about the “Pane! Pane! My pane! I see da pane! I see my pane!” He was loud, and perhaps he got on somebody’s nerves, but if the kid is in the airport/plane and not crying, I’m not worried about his sound level.

He was even more thrilled about getting on the plane and ran down the gangway. He was still excited as we boarded the plane, but when I tried to get him out of the aisle and into a seat, he started to freak out. Why? He didn’t know we were on a plane.


After looking out the window and seeing the airplane wing, he was consoled, but it took him a while to come around to the idea that he was, in fact, in the plane.

As far as the actual flying was concerned, he did extremely well until near the end of the descent when we banked to the right. He freaked out. I ended up buckling us up together with him on my lap as he chanted, loudly and nervously, “Pane is going down! Pane is going down! Is–Is–Is–Pane is going down.”

Everybody was a good sport about him, and he was fine again once we landed.


Enjoy the very end of summer!

I know we will 🙂

~ Lee



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