Wednesday Updates 7/26/17


I finished Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz, and was very pleased. The novel was exactly what it needed to be, and it ended as it should. That being said, I thought the series probably should’ve ended a book or two previously.


I set up some new shelves and organized the garage, and my van is currently stuffed with cardboard to take to recycling and a round of baby toys to take to the Salvation Army.


He’s been super clingy lately, putting out his arms and saying “I want up,” several times a day. I dunno what’s up, but I also know that it’s likely a stage that will pass with time.


He’s been having some nighttime bathroom issues… again, a phase. Isn’t a regression common in the 4s? I can’t remember.


I’m beginning a new phase of my relationship with my daughter. I’m sad to say that I feel like I missed large parts of her last 5 years because of having other babies… but now that she’s getting bigger and is starting to be able to help me around the house, I feel something new in the bond we share. I spend so much time managing Ray’s meltdowns and sensory problems and Patrick’s baby-stuff that I need to make sure I make time to appreciate my daughter. She’s the only one I have, after all.

Parenting is hard! D:

News flash… or not…

~ Lee



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