Friday Mish-Mash


Super cool geography exercise for young kids! (or older ones!) Methinks I shall employ this or something similar, and swiftly!

Black homeschooling families are on the rise, and this is totally awesome.

I love the word avast! Maybe I should start shouting it at the kids instead of “stop!”


This story is amazing… Scientists managed to reverse brain damage in this little girl. Check it out.

As August 26th looms in the near future, articles like this one ring especially true.

To-Do List: CHECKED!

It’s been a lot of work, but I finally got the swingset clean, stained + seal, and I did the same to the columns on the back porch. The stain is a little darker/redder/bolder than what was on them previously, so even though the color is nearly the same, I think they look much better.


Got two of these adorbz tables from Wayfair. We got them 2-for-1 because we purchased some that had already been opened then sent back! Great, right? No damage at all–I didn’t even see any tool marks on the nuts, so I think though the boxes were opened, nobody actually put the tables together.



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