Wednesday Updates 7/19/17


Right this moment, I am sitting on my front porch enjoying the fresh air and sunshine without actually being in the sunshine. I’ve found that the front porch can be a very pleasant place on these hot summer mornings. It stays shaded until mid-late afternoon, and as such it is naturally cooler here than the back porch, which gets direct sunlight in the morning. Add to this fact that the front porch is south-facing and catches all these southerly breezes, and it’s a wonderful place to sit.

It’s a hot week, unsurprisingly. It is the end of July, after all. My birthday approaches, so of course it should be hot, right? That’s just how the world works.



The Hubster’s chosen breakfast on his birthday, homemade cinnamon rolls.

Ray has gotten into a phase where he tells me all the different things he wants to do on his birthday every few days, despite the fact that his birthday isn’t until March.


As I type, Buffy keeps thrusting a slightly-soggy tennis ball into my legs and arms. I’ve tossed it for her a few times, but it’s never enough 🙂

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoys fetching. I’ve been even more surprised at how well she fetches! She brings the ball all the way back, even if she doesn’t drop it obediently most of the time. That’s better fetching than I’ve ever had in a dog!

She isn’t even a retrieving breed, so that’s pretty cool 🙂

On the topic of dogs, I got good chuckles out of this post by Drew Magary (this website posts inappropriate things every day, just so you’re warned…)

I can’t help but notice the trend of “My Lab ate _________” in the post. Labs are stupid

I make a point of keeping Buffy outside whenever we’re eating, because, honestly, I’ll never trust her around food. Also, dogs belong outside.


I just started Saint Odd by Dean Koontz. This is the final in the Odd Thomas series, which I have enjoyed a lot over the past few years. Somehow, I hadn’t gotten to the final book yet–probably because I had a baby around the time it came out.


I’ve been watching more Chopped recently after not watching it for a while. It makes decent viewing for while I crochet or other craft-y things. I need to keep my hands busy because I’m trying to cut down on snacking, which I’ve been doing too much of.


Becky lost her first tooth Sunday night, and I was surprised at the emotions it made me feel. My daughter. My oldest child. She’s old enough that she’s starting to lose her teeth. She’s decidedly in an area of life which I can remember from my own childhood.

She rides a bike with confidence and skill. She makes friends. She’s starting to help around the house. She plays with her brothers. She’s becoming quite a great little girl, and she’s getting bigger every day.

I know it’s cliche, but I really do feel like I’ve blinked and missed so much.


That’s all for now!

Happy Wednesday!

~ Lee



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