Wednesday Updates 7/12/17


Writer’s Block:

I’ve been having a hard time getting any writing done lately, which is part of the reason why I’ve started a Monday series on homeschooling. It also explains why the first post isn’t terribly great. I’ll get back in the swing of things, though… Sometimes you just have to force yourself to write 🙂


Flip side: I’ve been extremely productive in other areas of my life, specifically tackling projects around the house. I stripped the swing set with the pressure washer and I’m almost done staining and sealing it, which should help make it last much longer. I have some other things I need to do before winter, such as staining and sealing the columns on the back porch and cleaning and touch-up painting the porch ceiling, but the swing set was the biggie. It’s a multi-step, multi-day process that involves ladders, which always slows things down.

Almost there, guys. Almost there!!!


Ppppppptpb… Squash bugs pretty much killed my squash and zucchini plants, and I think a deer knocked down a bunch of the corn? Not sure what happened there. Still waiting to see if we get any real carrots or onions *shrug*. Better luck next year–I’ll get some really good soil and give it another try!


I just finished prepping an entire semester worth of math print-outs for Ray. Horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Preparation!


It’s nearly over. Wow. Funny how that always feels super fast 😦

Happy to be Home:

We’re all happy to be in our routine again, even though the trip to Scotland was so awesome.

You know who’s probably happiest?


~ Lee


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