Wednesday Updates 7/5/17


Happy to be Home:


Buffy agrees.

She’ didn’t get an upset tummy at the boarder this time, so that was a plus! 😀

She even did OK with the fireworks for Independence Day… Her stomach was a little upset the morning after, and I Heimliched her at one point because she seemed like she was choking, but after that she was back to normal.

Drawing with Thread:


It would’ve been nice to be able to needlepoint during the transit times of our trip, but there was no way I was taking any of the stocking stuff along.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much I like needlepointing. I won’t do it for a while, then I’ll do a ton for a week or so… It’s very relaxing 🙂

Independence Day:


I’m not a griller. I don’t like cooking outside. I like control and cleanliness and absence of bugs. I ❤ my oven and all the wonderful goodies I make inside it. I was trying to make hamburger buns, but I made them too large. Oops. Oh well and who cares? because they were freaking delicious.


I pressure-washed the swingset today. It took longer than I anticipated, and, like a dummy, I wasn’t wearing sunscreen. Sigh…

Thankfully, I’m fairly tanned already so the burn is hopefully pretty minor to my shoulders…


That’s all for now!

Getting back into the swing of things after being gone for 2 weeks 🙂


~ Lee


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