Washcloths, Tea, and Civility

Dear United Kingdom,

We had a really great time in Scotland and England for our vacation. However, I noticed a few strange things that y’all might consider changing.

1: Over-sheets

Just about everywhere we stayed, there was a duvet on the bed and no over-sheet. I guess this would be fine during the winter, but during the warmer months, this makes for a rather sweaty night. Now, of course, I’m not accustomed to using a duvet during the summer, and I’m sure that those of you who live in the UK have a system for not sweating all night.

2: Washcloths

I don’t know about you, but I really want to scrub myself sometimes in the shower. How do you do that without a washcloth? Also, you can save a lot of soap by using a little and lathering it up on a washcloth before cleaning yourself. Washcloths are a super easy fix, guys. Seriously. Just use them… plus, for all you dudes out there, you can scrub your pits and get out the stink.

3: Single Faucets instead of Two Different Faucets at the Same Sink

The whole “one side is hot and the other side is cold” thing works a lot better if the water comes out of the same spout.
I’d like to wash my hands with warm water, not having to choose between scalding hot and cold.

— All that being said, y’all definitely have some things going for you that we should copy…

1: Afternoon Tea

I like having my afternoon caffeine and snack scheduled during the day. Also, it works well that afternoon tea can also mean afternoon coffee. 🙂

2: Civility at Security

Oh. My. Goodness… Our experience with security in Heathrow was so much better than any experience I’ve had in the US, including Indianapolis, which has been my overall best security experience in the US.

We were treated like guests at best and human beings at worst. No one barked at me. No one growled or talked to me like I was a moron. I wasn’t treated with suspicion. I was easily processed.

Compare this to pretty much anywhere in the US where the TSA agents are all basically bitter, mall-cop-rejects with enormous chips on their shoulders. They shout at you and talk to you like you’re convicts.

Thank you, England, for using some common sense and civility at airport security.

But you could really use some washcloths 🙂


~ Lee



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