First Oklahoma Garden: Update

First, it was this:


Then, it was this:


Now, it is this!


pumpkin plants — aiming for Halloween (we’ll see how that goes)


My corn is ridiculously short, but it seems to be attempting to make ears…

I’ve harvested one nice-sized zucchini and one tiny squash so far. The plants are slowly making more.

What I’ve taken away from my first attempt at gardening here in OK is that I need to purchase more gardening soil next year. The soil is just so bad… I don’t think the plants did as well as they could’ve because of the soil quality.

Also, I need to have some kind of compost.

Wait, she’s trying to garden without compost, you’re saying?

Yes, I was… I hate compost piles so, so much. I did use some Mushroom Compost, but it wasn’t really enough to make the plants everything they could be.

All the negative stuff aside, the plants did grow and they are producing!!!!

The carrots are growing and so are the onions. The only seeds that REALLY didn’t do anything are the kale seeds. They sprouted up magnificently, then just stopped growing, even after I added a sun-blocker on their side of the garden to give them some shade.

Oh well. Live and learn. 🙂

~ Lee



I am going to be out of the country for a little while, so I’m not sure how much blogging there will be, if any.


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