Confessions of a Grammar Snob

Okay. I admit it. I’m a grammar snob.

Yes, I judge you by your grammar.

Yes, your grammar mistakes in your Facebook posts make me grrrrrrrrrr.

This is especially true if you’re a homeschool mom.

I know that homeschooling moms are guilty of all the same grammar mistakes that are common on the internet. However, it always makes me cringe, because I know that every time someone ambivalent or even hostile to homeschooling sees a Facebook post similar to this:

i need recomendations for a piano teacher for my daughter. thnx for you’re help

That it’s one more knock against the idea of mothers educating their own children.

Grammar is hard and fast. There are rules. Punctuation doesn’t waver, and spelling is what it is. All electronic devices (as far as I know) can have some kind of spell-check. If you struggle with spelling, turn it on and pay attention.

Every single person needs to memorize the differences between its and it’syour and you’re, there, they’re, and their, etc.

This is basic stuff, y’all.

If you’re a homeschooling mom who is weak in grammar, you need to educate yourself for two big reasons: 1) You should know proper grammar. Do this for your personal edification. 2) Your kids are far more likely to succeed in life if they have good grammar.

Also, while you’re at it, do the homeschooling world at large a favor and put your best foot forward.

In the mean time, I’ll do my best not to be horribly judgmental. I will try not to cringe. I will try not to be such a grammar snob, because everybody makes typos and mistakes from time to time.

~ Lee


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Grammar Snob

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  1. I bought a grammar handbook 😀 What I would give for an old style eighth grade ELA textbook!

    I try not to judge the grammar of others too harshly though. I know quite a few people with terrible writing skills who are some of the most brilliant people I know. They can talk for hours about world history and explain the inner workings of tech gadgets that I can’t even operate lol. It takes all kinds, I guess!


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