I’m a Woman who Feels Isolated from our Female Culture

Okay. This isn’t really about homeschooling or anything.

This is just a honest post about something that’s bothered me for years.

I’m a woman, and I feel isolated from our female culture.

It happens regularly… I’ll find an article or blog post on a big site like Bustle or ScaryMommy that really resonates with me or makes me laugh. I’ll then check out other parts of the site, and inevitably end up sadly browsing a bunch of articles that equate women’s rights with abortion, support Planned Parenthood with cheers (and lift it up as the only source of medical care for women), and mock things that I believe wholeheartedly, like the importance of abstinence until marriage or traditional understandings of marriage, etc. The list is large… and I just feel so dang isolated.

I was a regular ScaryMommy reader until Trump won the election–about that time, they became more agenda-based than mom-realities based, and I grew tired of looking at it. I’m used to being surrounded by liberal ideas–it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the internet or television.
The kicker for me, though, was multiple articles that argued the following: I had a miscarriage, and it made me more supportive of abortion.

I shut it down. I just couldn’t. I felt like gagging and crying in the same moment.

I had a miscarriage, and staring at the tiny, centimeters-long body of my baby assured me more than ever that abortion, at any point in the pregnancy, is abhorrent.

I hate for this post to be just about abortion politics, but the unfortunate reality is that, in America, being a woman means you’re supposed to be pro-choice. You’re supposed to support politicians who advocate for “women’s healthcare,” a phrase which for reasons beyond my comprehension hinges on the legal ability to kill your own baby.

Being pro-life is enough to completely isolate me from mainstream female culture.

Being a stay-at-home mom with traditional values is yet another barrier. Sure, feminists talk the talk every now and then to try to include SAHMs… but there will always be a tension there as long as feminism remains this bizarre -ism that seeks female superiority above all else.

Being homeschooled and homeschooling my own kids is necessarily isolating to a certain degree. I’ll see stuff on Facebook and other places on the Internet that preach how to survive having your kids home for the summer, and I’m just like:

– Shrug –

I mean, having my kids around all the time is my life, basically.

I’m unable to partake in conversations about the struggles of getting kids out of bed in the morning and school pick up and drop off. That just isn’t my life, and it adds to the isolation.

I’m not part of the broader female culture in this nation.

I remain unconvinced that’s a bad thing, but it can be a little bit lonely.


~ Lee



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