Wednesday Updates 6/6/17

Oh….My Gosh…

You guys…


I’m so tired…


New Fav Thing:

Summer is upon us, and my professor hubby is on break. As such, he started volunteering (!!!!) to keep the kids during the afternoon one or twice a week so that I can go have a little me-time in town. So far, I’ve enjoyed making quick Walmart runs without the hassle of getting people in and out of carseats, followed by going into Starbucks and writing for a while, then hitting the gym for a solid work out.

I did this on Monday afternoon, and I think I’m still dragging, though I’m not as sore as I was the first time I did it!


The Hubster’s parents are currently visiting. The kids are always so excited to spend time  with them, especially during the summer when they get taken to the super-fun pool.


NOTHING! I need something to read!!!! AAAAH! Recommendations?

For the kids, we’re reading These Happy Golden Years, which so far seem either happy nor golden.


I harvested the first zucchini of the summer! Woot woot! The plants are juuuuust now starting to get going… I was hoping for later harvesting as I tried to take our trip into account, and it looks like I’m going to get it, provided the plants produce anything at all.


Becky had a break-through while swimming on Tuesday morning. She’s really starting to do it you guys. 1 down. 2 to go.


~ Lee


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