Wednesday Updates 5/31/17



Truly, May is my least favorite month. It comes at the end of the spring semester, which is always harder and/or more stressful than the fall semester.

It’s too busy. School wraps up, which is a busy time, and then immediately you’re expected to start doing summer things. Swim lessons. Mowing. Play dates with everyone–it’s just too much.

Everybody wants a piece of you.
“School is done? Time to visit us!” “No, they should visit US!” Okay, okay… family members haven’t actually been that demanding 😉 Still, there’s the unspoken pressure that builds off the assumption “School is done, therefore you are free to pack up you kids and travel for hours in your van to come see us.”

Perhaps this is universal, but perhaps it’s worse because my husband is a professor… Summer rolling around doesn’t mean that we’re completely free. I mean, the kids have swim lessons… I have Bible study… we still have in-town obligations as well as things we want to do. Also, the Hubster just finished an entire semester of teaching! He’s tired! He needs a break! Reasonable, right???

I don’t like the month of May. Good thing it’s nearly over.


See the previous paragraph, but I’m wiped. Plus, I had an allergy attack over the weekend for some reason and I’ve been coughing and choking on phlegm for the past 48 hours. Blech.


I need more of it. Stat. I actually just picked up my cup to drink some, and I found it empty. Sad. I need hot coffee this morning to help with the nasty phlegm.

Weird Dreams:

I hate it when my weird dreams happen in the 5 AM – 7 AM time slot. I wake up very confused when this happens…. I think the dream I had was some sort of combination of Harry Potter, my childhood neighborhood, my new neighborhood, and dragons? Dragon-people? I’m not sure.

It made sense at the time.



Also, it’s a month until Patrick turns 2.

How did this happen?


~ Lee


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