Wednesday Updates 5/24/17



We finally got to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Super behind the times, I know. I enjoyed it, but it’s annoying how so many people can’t imagine the United States beyond New York City. Sure, if the US wizards’ government is based in NYC, it makes sense that the movie would be set there. That being said, as a non-NYCer, I just get tired of everything being in New York. There are hundreds of other cities in 49 other states, after all.

Also, Rowling’s ignorance of the realities of living in America pop up from time to time–like when they talk about the one wizarding school in the US. Sorry, but there wouldn’t just be one. Have you seen the size of this nation? Unless wizards only live on the East Coast, there would be at least one other school in the middle of the nation or on the West Coast.

Just sayin’.


Warm sunshine on the hammock, walks with Buffy, and the beginning of summer.

Looking Forward to:

Our trip to the UK. The Hubster and I are making a trip this summer, just the two of us. We’re spending most of our time in Scotland, with a few days in Oxford and London. Have you been? Do you have any suggestions? I’m all ears 🙂


~ Lee


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