Friday Mish-Mash

So busy. So Sleepy.

The hubs just left the house to do his part in the graduation ceremony at the university. Once he comes back, we’ll have to assess the stickiness of his doctoral robes to determine a) if they need to be cleaned, and if so, b) who in the world do we trust to clean the robes? Also c) that probably costs a lot of money….

This week was busy.

I took the kids to the pool three times, and they had two swim lessons. Today, we did our usual Friday hang-out time with other professor families/friends.

I then went to Braums, Aldi, Starbucks!, and Walmart.

The Walmart self-checkout terminal I woefully selected was determined to hinder my process at every turn, declaring that there were unexpected items in the baggage area when, in fact, there were no items in the baggage area, or else declaring that something I put in the baggage area was too heavy?

Sorry–sugar is heavy. Deal with it.


When it was finally over, I pushed my spawn and our groceries through the drizzling rain (which made Patrick scream angrily) to the van, unloaded it all, made it to the house, and avoided the major downpour. So, at least there’s that.

This weekend, I have no plans. Zip. Ziltch. The weather is rainy, so I don’t have any chores I can do, though I may try to pop out between rain clouds to pull the weeds out of the front flower bed while the soil is soft.

I’m always working on the stockings. now that the needlepoint portion of Patrick’s is done, I’m working on one for the hubs. I need to pick a day when I’m well-hydrated, feeling patient, and don’t have shaky fingers to sit down with the sewing machine and start working on the stockings themselves, but I don’t think I’ll get to that this weekend.

However! I did purchase the fabric I needed to whip up some simple curtains for the garage, so maybe that’s my weekend project. Nothing fancy–just hemming. I can probably get that done.


The benefits of going barefoot. Patrick still goes barefoot most of the time outside because his balance is so much better bare than with shoes, and that kid smacks his face enough as it is.
I’ve recently been encouraging my kids to come barefoot outside with me for stretches of time in the evening before their bath. They love it.

I shared this article on work and motherhood earlier this week, but I thought it valued a second plug. When it comes to being an educated woman who feels drawn to being a mother, there will always be a tension between the two ambitions. Acknowledging this tension is, in my opinion, the first step towards accepting and running with it.

In honor of having Buffy for a year, did you know that Australian Shepherds aren’t from Australia at all?


Happy Weekend!

~ Lee


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