Wednesday Updates 5/17/17



This spring hasn’t had very many scary storms for us (though that isn’t true of the entire state). Before we went to bed last night, I checked the hourly forecast and saw there was a 50% change for scattered t-storms, beginning after midnight.

Sure enough, I was wakened by lightning and thunder at 1:20 AM. I’m so grateful for modern technology that allowed me to grab the phone off my side table and check the radar, warnings, etc. Able to rest assured that this storm wasn’t producing anything dangerous, I went back to sleep.

Summer Food:

Do you have a favorite summertime treat?

One of our favorites that definitely tastes like summer is busy day cake with homemade ice cream and strawberries. So yummy!

Plus, strawberries were 99 cents at Aldi!!!


Today is Becky’s last day of math, which marks our last official day of the year. We’re all ready for the summer. SO. READY. The Hubster is done at the end of the week, and I know he’s eagerly looking forward to it.

Swim Lessons:

Yesterday, Becky and Ray had their first private swim lesson, and it went very well. I think that a one-on-one approach is the only way for Ray right now, and I like that Becky is getting the attention she needs to finally swim on her own (she’s very, very close…).

They have another lesson today!

Bonus, I get 30 minutes with Patrick in the water. Yesterday, we practiced kicking our feet and blowing bubbles in the water. He loves the pool 🙂

~ Lee


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