Wednesday Updates

Whew… You guys… It’s only Wednesday? ONLY??????


I spent the weekend photocopying Becky’s math for next year. It’s done. It’s in a folder and ready to go for the entire year.

I’ve started photocopying Ray’s math.

I created and printed out Becky’s entire first grade English curriculum, which hits on spelling, vocabulary, reading, memorization, and grammar. My only remaining step here is to make a reading list for her. important, but requires a lot less copying….

Field TRIP!

We went to the Children’s Museum in Seminole on Tuesday. It was fun! I’m not sure the kids learned anything, but they had a lot of fun and ran around and played with their friends.

Afterwards, we lunched at Braums, then I investigated the on-sale tree options at Lowe’s and Walmart, which brings me to….


Walmart had four Green Giants 60% off that were in great shape. I snatched the up, trucked back to Lowe’s for Mushroom Compost and stakes, then ran home, put Patrick down for a nap, and spent the next two hours planting, fertilizing, mulching, and watering those suckers.

12.25 for a 5 ft tree? Heck yeah.


I finished Sherlock on Netflix and started in on Father Brown. On a BBC kick, I suppose 🙂 My Netflix suggestions are getting stranger now… I’ve watched Stranger Things, various pieces of the Joss Whedon canon, including the entirety of Buffy and most of Angel, Jessica Jones, and a collection of BBC programs.


Two years ago (yes, two years ago), I undertook the mammoth feat of creating Patrick’s stocking. The first step was reverse engineering, because I wanted it to look like my other children’s stockings that were made by my Grandmommie. Next, I fumbled my way through learning how to needlepoint. Have I mentioned that I didn’t needlepoint AT ALL until then?

I tried to get it done in time for his first Christmas–didn’t even get close. I tried to get it done before his second Christmas–got close.

Now. Finally. It is finished…. except, it isn’t finished. I need to find someone in town to actually turn this into a stocking…



We finally finished The Long Winter, and now we’re reading Little Town on the Prairie. It will be nice to read about them doing something more than struggling to survive.

The Dog:


I’m taking her to the vet this morning for a kennel cough shot and some anti-diarrhea pills for when she goes to the kennel this summer. She never relaxed, apparently, the last time she stayed at the kennel, and by the time we brought her home, she had the runs. Here’s to hoping we can head that problem off.


~ Lee


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