Friday Photo-Roundup

“Rub my tummy!” says the puppy.


This was Tuesday, before the weather changed and it got chilly! I was an idiot and stayed out for too long: Hello, SUNBURN! Oops. It’s healing…


The delightful hammock–Becky’s favorite place outside.


I love Oklahoma wildflowers. I’m not sure what these purple ones are…IMG_0543IMG_0544

The photo is blurry (blah), but Indian paintbrush has always been one of my absolute favorites.


The garden is chugging along.


There’s honeysuckle growing on the back fence!

Also, I discovered that this big tree is on our side of the back fence that separates our property from the farm behind us. What joy! One of the big trees is actually ours!


It’s ridiculous that it took a year for me to realize this, but, in my defense, it was so overgrown along the back fence that I couldn’t tell until I got in there and whacked away at all the weeds and broken branches.

A couple of links:

I appreciated this post at Hip Homeschool Moms about the lies people say about homeschooling students.

Want to watch a book being made the old fashioned way? This isn’t the most old fashioned way, to be sure. This involves the printing press, but, still! It’s a very neat video!

Have a great weekend!

~ Lee


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