Friday Mish-Mash

I’ve been working on Patrick’s Christmas stocking for hours this week and watching Broadchurch on Netflix at the same time. I’ve been enjoying it! Plus, it’s interesting to see a crime show set in England. Though our system of law is based on the British system, there are glaring differences from time to time, as you would expect, since our Founding Fathers had serious issues with parts of the British system.

We’ve also had a fair amount of rain and a cool front this week, which has limited the amount of time the kids want to spend outside.

It’s funny, really, because when we lived in South Bend, 50-60 degrees was heavenly! Now, we’re spoiled by Oklahoma warmth and don’t want to get bundled up to go out and play 🙂

  1. I had a total flashback earlier this week when I ventured into our local mall for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised that it was much better than I had anticipated, and even more surprised when I realized there was a Hot Topic. I don’t think I’ll ever completely outgrow the desire to wear graphic t-shirts, though I refuse to wear black, almost entirely, these days. It’s too darn hot in the warm weather–maybe I became even more warm blooded after having kids… I don’t know.
  2. Pioneer Woman has a recipe for a homemade frappucino. I haven’t tried it yet because the recipe includes condensed milk, and the stuff pretty much terrifies me. Ha! At home, particularly during the warmer months, I enjoy icing my leftover coffee from the morning and usually add a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream, to make it a little special. I haven’t perfected the at-home-Starbucks, and I’m not sure that I want to add enough sugar to make this happen.
    What about you? Have an at-home frappe recipe to share?
  3. Patrick can open doors, and Becky declared that “This is very much not a good thing.” I heartily agree, especially since he knows where all his snacks are in the pantry. I haven’t moved his snacks higher out of the fear that he will just start climbing the shelves. The solution might be a different type of door-knob guard than those I purchased in the past. This website had some neat suggestions for door-related issues with toddlers.
  4. A simple childhood helps prevent mental illness? Seems plausible to me. With all the resources and opportunities available to kids today, what steps are you taking to help keep their lives simple enough?
  5. Fair Warning: This post contains the story of the death of an infant, and how her parents prepared for it and let their daughter change the life of another infant.


Have a good weekend!


~ Lee


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