“Thursday” Updates 4/27/17

Currently, I am…


at myself for forgetting that yesterday was Wednesday, and thus the day I was supposed to post “updates.” 🙂


My morning cup of coffee while the kids play Minecraft on the iPad and occasionally argue with each other.


We’re reading The Long Winter right now, and we finished the third Hardy Boys book in the car. I was going to go the library earlier this week, but when I drove up, it was closed! Apparently, they’re closed for a few days this week for maintenance.

Fair enough, I suppose, but the library is way out of my way, and it was annoying to drive all the way there only to discover it wasn’t open.


These shoes. I can’t find them in my size in the local stores, but they’re totally awesome and comfortable (I tried them on in a bland color).


Patrick can eat his weight in Apple Sauce packets, I swear… Plus, now that he can open doors, he regularly fetches them from the panty and runs to me with a loud “Pleeeeease!” It’s hard to say no to a not-yet-two-year-old who says “please.”
I think he’s figured that out…


~ Lee


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