Why Are Women’s Clothes so Terrible?

Okay, y’all. I’m here to rant.

Cuz, I mean, seriously… Clothes made for women and girls are lower in quality than clothes made for men and boys.

My shirts shrink. My husband’s do not.

Becky’ underwear is flimsy. Ray’s underwear, which cost the same amount!, is sturdy.

I understand that I have to allow for differences in style. After all, a flowy blouse is necessarily going to be made of a thinner fabric than a man’s button-up. That being said, when I compare t-shirts that are the same price, there are profound differences.

If I buy a graphic t-shirt in the women’s section, the fabric is thinner and stretchier and it shrinks if I don’t treat it like a newborn baby.

BUT! I can go to the men’s section and purchase a graphic t-shirt that’s in a slim or athletic cut and the fabric feels like there’s something to it, and it doesn’t shrink after two weeks!

I mean, I can’t be the only person who sees this, right?

Admittedly, I’m picky about any shrinkage in my shirts, because I have a long torso and there just isn’t any wiggle room. I need my shirts to be long and stay long. Because of this, I don’t think I own a single blouse right now. Every time I try to buy one, I either can’t find one that’s long enough, or it shrinks after I wash it according to the directions on the tag.

But, that’s another rant…


Manufacturers assume that women love shopping and will just go buy more when something shrinks or pills or just falls apart. In general, I guess they’re right. But this sucks! I don’t want to spend more money on clothes! I want to pick out something I like it keep it for a long time!



~ Lee



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