Love for the Quirky Ones

These are my son’s feet. They are blurry because they are always moving.

Ray has a few nervous twitches as well as a need to stimulate his hands and feet when his mind is occupied with other things, like listening to a book or watching TV.

He’s quirky, and we love him.

I admit it–his twitches and quirks can be extremely annoying and inconvenient. I hate the way he picks at his toes when I’m reading aloud, and I must find a way to get him to stop chewing on his fingers.


All that being said, I love Ray, and I wouldn’t have him any other way. Most of his quirks will work to his advantage in the long run; it’s just hard to be quirky and immature at the same time. He’s four, so he’s naturally “not mature” yet and doesn’t know how to handle the world sometimes.

That’s okay. He’ll work through it, and we’ll help him. In the end, he’s going to be a sweet, intelligent man with some quirks.

I’m not going to try to drastically¬†change my son. I will help him grow and mature to the best of my abilities, but I’m going to love him and like him no matter how quirky he is. Perhaps just as importantly, I hope I can help him like his quirkiness–own it and not be afraid of it.

~ Lee


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