Reorganizing Our Medical Supplies

When I burned my foot this week, I learned a frustrating truth–our bandaids were not easily accessible.

It wasn’t that big a deal to get down the big, plastic container and rifle through its contents when one of the kids needed a bandaid. However, when I was the one in desperate need of medical supplies right this second, I realized how much I needed to organize our bandaids, etc.


Here’s the “before.” Pretty bad, huh? It’s one of those places where, when we were moving in, I said, “This can go here,” stuffed it all into the cabinet, and it hasn’t been anywhere on my priority list for an entire year.

After hopping around the kitchen with burn-blisters forming on the top of my foot, it became a priority :/


Here is the “after.”

The little plastic shelves were a few dollars each at Walmart, and they make a huge difference. Bandaids, wraps, and ointments are all organized now.

As per usual when I organize someplace, I realize with frustration that I’ve been wasteful. I had two containers of different kids’ medicines stored up in a corner of the cabinet that I had recently purchased at Walmart. Now, I had duplicate medicines. It’s frustrating, but there is a good chance that we’ll use them all before they expire, so, in the long run, it isn’t that big a deal.

Being organized helps you save money and space.

I’m reminded of this truth every time I organize. While organizing the garage, I found some screws and nails that hadn’t gotten unpacked, which means I don’t need new ones for my next project.

While organizing the towels and sheets, I found a set I thought I’d lost during the move.

When I organized the pens and pencils, I realized I didn’t need to buy anymore, like I thought I did!

You get the picture.

Clutter causes things to be invisible to us, and then we inevitably end up double-purchasing.

I’m good at organizing, and I try to use this skill to help save us money, time, and space…

…and make it easier to grab bandaids when I’m having a minor emergency… 😉

~ Lee


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