Wednesday Updates 4/19/17

Every so often I’m just astounded by how quickly the years tick by, am I right? It’s already the middle of April. Geez…



You guys… I finished CSI. I don’t know how long I’ve been watching it… at least six months… Given that there are 337 episodes, I should feel embarrassed to admit that it only took me six months. The nice thing about CSI is that it’s not the kind of show that you have to pay 100% attention to (at least, not in every episode). So, it’s been something to put on my computer while I sit and crochet or needlepoint. It’s also been my go-to while working out.

But, yes… I finished it.


I made bacon-wrapped pork loin for easter.


It. Is. So. Good.


Easy sautéed mushrooms and onions and oven “fried” cornmeal zucchini (with ketchup). I didn’t make my own bread this time–I purchased a yummy French bread loaf off the discount rack at Walmart for 49 cents (w00t!).

Cooking pork is always funny… Technically, pork can still be pink in the middle! But, since I was cooking such a big piece of meat, I decided to be safe rather than sorry and “overcooked” it.

Because I brined it for 24 hours and basted it while it was roasting, it was still extremely tender and yummy.


It was good! And simple! The day before, I took the kids on campus and had an egg-hunt with friends. Patrick did surprisingly well, given his age. Ray was too eager to eat the candy to gather many eggs, but Becky made out like a bandit.

As for Sunday, properly speaking, we made it to church (yay!) and otherwise and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday, aside from the cooking. Which, all things considered, wasn’t hard. It was just the clean-up that was annoying.


I’ve been pretty good so far this week about making Becky her little stack of schoolwork and making sure that Ray does some ABC mouse and phonics/reading practice. Keep it up, me!


Yesterday afternoon I accidentally splashed boiling water on my foot. I am extremely grateful that none of the kids were in the splash-zone as well as grateful that I only have a couple of 2nd degree burns…

I’m also grateful that I was flexible enough to hop over to the sink, yanking off my sock as I went, and hike my leg up so that I could run cold water on my foot approximately 1 second after the hot water hit it.

Still… OUCH! 😦

~ Lee



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