Friday Mish-Mash

You know those weeks when you’re just not very productive on the schooling front? This has been one of those weeks. But, hey, that’s okay. They’re still up on their subjects and we’re getting stuff done, it’s just been a weary week.


What is Good Friday?

A pretty good article on the whole United disaster.
As far as the law is concerned, United was in the right. We can argue whether this should be the case or not. That doesn’t change the fact that what happened was completely unnecessary and wrong.

I wrote an open letter to my mom that was published on Hip Homeschool Moms.

That’s no moon, that’s a waffle maker!

I enjoy Sarah’s Scribbles. They capture something very true about life–particularly as a woman.

If you’re looking for some quick, easy, and cheap filler for your easter baskets, I got ya covered.

Math problems for English majors. I wasn’t actually an English major, (I studied Great Texts) so my reading list differed from the typical English major list. BUT! I still found this rather amusing 🙂

Have a holy weekend, y’all, and a Happy Easter!

~ Lee


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