Easy Extras for Easter Baskets

Okay, so…. you might not know this about me, but I’m super cheap. We have a budget, so that’s good. But, also, I just hate spending money on crap and needless consumables (Starbucks doesn’t count. It is sometimes a necessary consumable…).

Easter is coming! When I was a kid, we didn’t do Easter baskets. Every few years we’d do some kind of egg hunt or Grandma would surprise us with Easter baskets, but it was not a usual thing.

I kinda want to change that with our kids, but I don’t want to give them a bunch of stupid, needless, crummy stuff.

So, they’re getting some candy, Oreos in zip locks (they’re so much cheaper than the ones that come packaged!), and a couple little presents.


Becky reads a lot and loves having a bookmark, so I figured I could make her a bookmark with the googly eyes and glue gun already in my possession. All I needed was some felt, which I got for 23 cents at Walmart.



And for Ray and Patrick… ugh… some finger puppets? Yeah! That sounds do-able!

First, cut some stuff…



Glue some stuff…

Then you have monster puppets!



What do monsters have to do with Easter, you ask?



moving on…

How about a puppy for Patrick?


Yeah, that’ll do it.

May you have a Holy Good Friday and a Happy Easter, everyone!


~ Lee




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