Friday Mish-Mash

This is going to be a weird weekend, so I’m not sure what the to-do list looks like. The Hubster is out of town, and it’s been weirdly cool. Looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather, and I’m sure that our puppy dog is, too πŸ™‚

Here’s the Mish-Mash!

  1. I’ll admit it–as a kid, I stared at people with physical differences. I have a talent for noticing slight differences, and I’m observant. As a small child, this means I was quick Β to stare when someone had a physical difference. Sorry, everybody. I’ve matured since then, I promise.
    These amazing women give cosmetic prosthetics to women and girls who cannot afford them.
  2. I loved this bit of homeschooling that appeared on Design Mom. There are medical reasons why this isn’t an option for our family, but what about you? Ever thought about traveling for a year?
  3. Ray loves dressing up for church and often requests to wear a bowtie. For Easter, I don’t have one that works well for the occasion… considering picking up one like this? So cute.

  4. My mom gave me this cookbook for Christmas, and I’ve been enjoying it tremendously. The turkey patties have become a regular in our house, and I’ve tweaked the recipe here and there depending on what I had in the fridge. So tasty πŸ™‚

~ Lee


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