Easy Interior Design to Promote Independence

As a stay-at-home mom, the house is my domain. I spend a lot of time and energy homemaking. This means more than just making meals and cleaning–it means organization and making careful tweaks to the design of the house to support my family’s life.

As a homeschooling mom, I feel extra incentive to help my children grow in our home. Right now, since they’re young, one of the biggest ways for them to grow is to become more independent.

Can they brush their own teeth? Put away their own clothes? Clean up their playroom? For “Yes” to be the answer to any of these questions, the kids need access to the right tools for the job.

I remember when I read Design Mom’s book, she addressed these issues and really opened my eyes to how I was not facilitating my young child’s ability to learn how to do things herself.

Simple changes can make a huge difference: from making sure your child can comfortably reach the sink and see into a mirror in the bathroom, to slightly more complicated changes, such as adding a lower clothes rack in the closet so they can reach and put away their own clothes.

I chose not to make complex changes to our previous home, because I knew we were moving soon. However, when we moved into our new home, I made sure to purchase a stool that let the kids easily see themselves in the bathroom.

The closets already had lower racks for them to hang their clothes, so that was awesome!

Ray is tall enough to hang his own shirts on this low rack.
1) We’re working on getting the clothes put away neatly. 2) The clothes are getting put away!

The difference has been huge.

Becky is completely capable of putting away all of her clothes, so is Ray, though as you can see, the way he hangs shirts sometimes leaves a lot to be desired 🙂

The more independent my young children can be when it comes to their personal grooming and laundry, the happier Momma is 🙂

~ Lee


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