Wednesday Updates 4/5/17



Sore. I fell flat on my butt on the stairs three nights ago. Thankfully, the bruising ended up being WAY less painful than I anticipated when it happened. It was one of those injuries where you kinda sit still and go, “Okay… okay… not gonna move for a moment… anything broken? No? Okay… OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!”


I look forward to The Expanse every week. It feels good to be watching a SyFy show again… back in high school, Stargate SG1 and Battlestar Galactica were my weekly must-haves, and we didn’t have a DVR back then, so it was like, I gotta have the TV on this day at this time, or I’m gonna be unhappy.

Whatever did we do before DVRs?

Anyways–The Expanse. Science Fiction seems to be on a “what happens to human development when it takes place on the moon/Mars” kick lately. But that’s what makes science fiction awesome, ya know? Pose a question, then enact a thought experience with a story.


I’ve managed to add more salad to our diet by making baked chicken with a store-bought Caesar salad. It’s easy and fairly healthy. Plus, the kids will actually EAT Caesar salad, and as most parents know, getting small kids to eat lettuce of any kind is difficult.


I feel like I’ve been drinking more coffee lately. Dunno way. I’m just tired, y’all! Need some more energy!

I’ve also been making an effort to drink more water, though… so maybe I’ll be okay??????


Spring in Oklahoma–queue the rain and storms. It’s a muddy mess out there most of the time, so the kids are put outside with strict instructions not to play in the mud. Somehow, they always play in the mud. I can’t let Patrick out of my sight for a second, or I’ll catch him sitting in the middle of the muddy place in the yard.


Crazy Kiddos:

Patrick can open doors now.


The struggle is real, y’all.

~ Lee


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