Go-To Gluten Free

A few years ago, I finally got some allergy testing. As I suspected, I wasn’t deathly allergic to anything but have a few minor allergies. Blueberries and raspberries I knew from experience, but I was disappointed to discover I was allergic to wheat.

Bummer, right? I love pastries! I love dessert! I love bread!

But, I’d also love not to have tummy troubles, so I started making some changes to my diet. My goal was to cut out wheat entirely, but I haven’t managed to do that. What I have changed is how much wheat I consume. Ideally, I would only have one meal a day that contained wheat and I wouldn’t eat any desserts or snacks that had wheat.

I don’t always meet this goal, but it’s actually pretty close to what I do. Oatmeal is a good breakfast for me, though I still love some biscotti with my coffee :/

My lunches are easy GF–rice and beans, or a salad, or maybe some rice noodles with meat and GF sauce. I’ll admit, though, that lunches would be much harder if I weren’t a stay-at-home mom. As it is, I can cook a 5 minute lunch without any major inconvenience.

Dinner can be tougher, since I’m trying to feed the whole family the same thing. However, I learned a few things very quickly:

  1. I actually don’t need/want a bun with my burger or meat patty
  2. Taco meat is just as tasty on rice instead of in a tortilla
  3. GF cornbread is crazy easy
  4. GF pasta is way more affordable than I thought it was, and my family is cool with it

I made some GF cornbread last night. Early on, I was frustrated as I wrestled with GF recipes. Now, I just open my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and adjust as necessary.

I’ve made cornbread with just cornmeal, no flour, before, and it was a little grainy, as you might expect. If you want to feel like a pioneer, try making cornbread with just the corn meal. Your finished product will bring up skewed-nostalgia of homesteading on the prairie and fighting off a pack of wolves with your trusty musket.

Last night, I did mostly cornmeal and just a little GF flour. I substituted unsweetened apple sauce for the butter and doubled that to help make sure the batter was moist enough, and I added just a tiny bit extra milk.

I’ve noticed that GF flours tends to gobble up the moisture and try to compensate accordingly.


Oh, and I added cheddar cheese, because cheddar corn bread is awesome-sauce.


We’ve had a bit of a cool-snap recently and I felt like making some turkey chili, which was very nice to enjoy with this cornbread.

Truth be told, I suck at GF baking. Cornbread and brownies, I’ve discovered, are easy sub-outs, as compared to, say, anything else. lol.

What about you? Do you or your kiddos have food allergies? Have you found easy ways to substitute, or is it a constant challenge?

~ Lee



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