Wednesday Updates 3/29/17

Currently, I am…


Timothy Keller’s book on Prayer. I didn’t pick this up on my own, I confess. A friend of mine started a ladies’ book study with some of our friends and women from church. We meet during the day, which is a game-changer for me. I’m too tired at the end of the day to try to do a ladies-only thing. Besides, there’s the issue of childcare, and I just don’t feel okay burdening the Hubster with putting the kids to bed solo after a long day at work.

Anyway! I’m almost through Chapter Two, and it’s a good, easy read so far. Keller honestly addresses his personal struggle with prayer, and identifies issues with prayer that just about everybody can relate to, I think. I’m excited to keep going and see what I can learn. And, hopefully, I can piece together some tips and guidance that may help enrich my own prayer life.


I’ve been working my way through CSI on Hulu for a while now. I thought I’d quit after William Peterson left, and the show is weaker without Grissom at the helm, but I kept going. I really liked the seasons with Laurence Fishburne as Ray Langston, and the season got weaker, once again, when he left.

It really bugs me that whenever they brought in a new actor, be it Fishburne or Ted Danson, that actor immediately got top billing, leaving the veteran cast in the dust. I like Ted Danson’s character, too, but I really couldn’t care less about CSI Finlay, and the quality of the show is definitely down as it draws toward its end.


Spring! The allergies are annoying, but the warm weather is wonderful. In the span of about a week and a half, our yard turned completely green!

Becky helped me put in the garden this week, and we got a TON of rain last night, so I guess I won’t need to water today.

Crazy Kiddos:

Ray turned four this weekend, and his birthday was very filled with superheroes. His absolute favorite thing to do at the moment is watch Mommy or Daddy play Zelda.


I’ve been pretty chill so far after Spring Break. Ray made it as far as was reasonable in the Kindergarten-level math book. My plan is to stop here, backtrack a little and focus on some more Pre-K style math, then restart the book at the beginning of next year. He really wanted to do a math book like Becky, so I let him. But, we’ve reached a point where he needs to stop and master some of the more basic skills before he goes on.
Plan for the rest of the semester is to focus on basic math and getting the ball rolling a little better with reading.

Becky is the only one who really needs to have a daily regimen of school, and she does well with it. Her math is about to head into multiplication, so we’ll see how that goes! *fingers crossed*

As for Patrick–no school. Play, play, play all day, day, day. The kid loves books, and I try to make sure to read board books to him exclusively.

As for the big kids, we just started The Black Stallion and we’re still working through By the Shores of Silver LakeSilver Lake isn’t my favorite Laura Ingalls book. It starts very sadly with the revelation of Mary’s blindness, Jack’s death, and the family’s hard times, in general. The railroad bits are different and interesting, but after that it’s a bit like reading Little House in the Big Woods again. It’s a transitional period in Laura’s life. Important, to be sure, but not necessarily my favorite of the books.

And, as the Hubster pointed out, the book glosses over the fact that there were probably prostitutes at the railroad camp.


I hope you’re having a good week!


~ Lee


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