Does Homeschooling Make You Miserable?

Are you tired of grading your kids school? Nagging them to finish their math before lunch?

Can you not stand the thought of guiding your third child through the process of learning to read and write?

Are you bored out of your mind and feel as though you’re not reaching your full potential as an adult human?

I’m not asking, “Do you not love your kids?”
Of course you do! You love your kids, and you want what’s best for them. Maybe that’s why you’re still homeschooling, even though the teaching is a strain and you really don’t get a thrill out of spending 24 hours a day with your spawn… erm…offspring.

For every parent out there who can’t imagine not homeschooling, there’s probably at least one parent (if not more) who wishes “homeschooling” wasn’t in his or her vocabulary.

Of course, everybody has days. Those days. The days when guiding the four-year-old through phonics makes you scream on the inside. The days when you really just DO NOT FEEL LIKE EXPLAINING THIS AGAIN to your older child. The days when the baby won’t stop screaming, and yet, somehow, you’re supposed to educated the others. The days when you woke up already up to “here” with your teenager’s attitude and can’t stomach another eye roll.

The days when you wish you could just stuff them on a bus, wave goodbye, and go work in an office with other human adults who already know how to read, write, and ‘rithmetic.

But for some of us homeschooling parents, “those days” are every day.

Why do you keep going? What keeps you going?

For some families, homeschooling isn’t really optional (I realize some might scoff at that remark, but hear me out!). Imagine that you have a beautiful, wonderful baby. This beautiful, wonderful baby is also terribly sick. You know what the NICU is like. Surgeries occupy your schedule, not baby-enrichment classes.
Your baby becomes a child, but this beautiful, wonderful child is fragile, and the germs and viruses of school aren’t an option.

There are cases like this where, for one reason or another, homeschooling is really the only option.

If you homeschooling makes you miserable, but you still homeschool, why do you do it?


~ Lee


2 thoughts on “Does Homeschooling Make You Miserable?

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  1. Some days I do feel like that. Our little one is learning to read right now. It feels like singing the same song over and over. It’s challenging at times but I am thankful that I can do it. I constantly have to pray for patience with my children. Thank-you for this post. It’s always encouraging to know that I am not alone when I feel like giving up💞


    1. I remember when Becky was learning to read, I would get SO frustrated and SO bored doing the same thing over and over. Finally, it clicked, just like I knew it would.
      Currently doing the same song and dance with Ray–it isn’t any less boring the second time around. Add to this that he stresses out easily, and it’s a challenge… for sure…


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