Hands-On Homeschooling: Carving Out a Garden

Blah, something happened to this post yesterday–it was very glitchy, and at some point WordPress deleted all the text????!?!?!!?

So, anyways… in a nutshell:

I’ve been literally carving out a place to garden. The soil in Oklahoma has been a learning curve from the black prairie I was used to in Texas and Indiana.

Most of our yard is hard, somewhat sandy, red clay. It’s a real pain to do anything with other than grow Bermuda grass and weeds. However! Near the back of the property, there used to be more trees, and the soil is radically different. So, that’s where I’m putting my garden!


I started by turning the dirt over in large, uncooperative chunks with my shovel.

Then, I whacked at the chunks with my garden rake (yesterday I purchased a hoe that can handle the soil). Here’s a picture of that about half done.


And here’s what it looked like once I’d given the whole plot a good thrashing.


I’ll need to turn it a couple of times and yank out any sticks, weeds, grass clumps, etc. But, other than that, it’s pretty much ready for seeds!

Gardening provides an excellent, hands-on opportunity to do science with younger children. But, as they get older, it’s less scientific and more straight-on life skills. Whether or not my kids have gardens when they’re adults,  they will have the knowledge they need to grow something if they need to, and that’s pretty cool 🙂

~ Lee



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