Baby-Child Diaries

Do you remember being a baby? Anything at all?

I remember being in my parents’ bathroom and eating a little bug off the floor. My mom busted out of the shower saying, “No, no, no, no!” and pried it out of my mouth.

Sorry, Mom.

I remember pushing the lever on the water dispenser and being surprised when the water splashed on my feet.

Other than that, I don’t remember being a baby. Blessedly, I suppose. I don’t want to remember diaper changes, nursing, etc.

When I was pregnant with Becky, I bought a leather-bound journal at Target. After she was born, I started recording her babyhood, and I’ve done the same thing for Ray and Patrick. Admittedly, Becky’s journal has more entries. Having a baby was new for me, and the journal reflects that.

As my babies are not babies anymore, the journal entries have shifted from comments about baby food and smiles to crazy things the kids say, or talking about their favorite books and activities.

Keeping this record has been really cool for me, and I hope, one day, that it will be neat for my kids to be able to look back and see what they were like as babies and very young children. They get to know their first words, when they took their first steps, first favorite colors, and so much more that our minds simply do not remember.

I fully plan on scanning the entire journals before handing them over sometime in the future, because as much as I’ve kept these journals for my kids, I’ve kept them for me, too.


~ Lee

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