How Do You Refresh?

Our breakfast nook is too small to really be a breakfast nook–I knew that the moment I laid eyes on it. Immediately, I saw my desk next to the window with a coffee bar providing a natural extension of the kitchen behind me.

Now, this is my refuge in the morning. The place where I sit and listen to the hawks crying outside in the early morning as they hunt for straggling field mice. This is where I look out and see the changing colors of the sunrise. This is where I drink my coffee, carefully dunking my biscotti so that I don’t get anything on my laptop.

My morning pattern is important to me. It helps me (physically, with the addition of some caffeine to my system 😉 ). But, more importantly, it helps me mentally. The refreshing process of sitting and just taking a minute to do or think about something of interest to me–browse Facebook or a blog or two. Send a message to my family. Drink my coffee and prepare myself for the needs and events of the day.

When I’m able to take these moments, I’m a better mother, wife, housekeeper, teacher–you name it. I’m a better me. I’m the sort of person who does better with routines and patterns, anyway. But especially since I started homeschooling more “officially,” I’ve noticed that taking these moments for myself in the morning help make me more willing and attentive to start math, reading, and everything else with my little ones.

How about you? Do you have a morning pattern?

~ Lee


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