Schooling When Mom is Sick


I thought I’d post today about something that’s been especially relevant this winter: homeschooling when Mom is sick.

It seems like every two weeks we have some new cold or other virus. It’s been worse for others than it has been for us, so I’m just trying to catch my blessings! Of course, that’s kinda hard to do when you’re sniffling, coughing, and generally feeling down.

No one else is sick at the moment, so I fear I may be suffering from allergies (which means there’s no end in sight? AH!).

This week, school has been minimal. We’ve kept up with our reading, depending on the state of my throat, and the kids have done math. Thankfully, Becky is to a point where she can read the lessons and go through it herself, and Ray is still young enough that he’s only doing two worksheets a day, which doesn’t amount to all that much talking on my part.

I find that when I’m under the weather, I depend more and more on things I can let the kids do themselves, or on electronic resources, like Ray doing the Starfall reading app on the iPad.

What about you? What do you do when you’re sick? Just power through? Adjust assignments? On behalf of all the young homeschooling mommas out there, dear veterans, please speak up! 🙂

~ Lee


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