New Look

Hey y'all, I switched to a different cosmetic set-up for the blog because I was having page-loading issues with the other one. As I use the free version of WordPress, I had limited options. All the same, I think this cleaner set-up may be a little bit better. What do you think? Too stark?  … Continue reading New Look


Wednesday Updates 5/23/18

Currently, I am... Reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I'm really not sure how I missed this book until now, seeing as how I studied the Classics as an undergraduate. I'm about halfway through and can't wait to see what happens next ­čÖé Watching: Travelers on Netflix. I was a huge┬áStargate SG1 fan back… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 5/23/18

Thursday Thoughts

Hey y'all, I missed my Wednesday Updates post because I was feeling tired and depressed. It happens. I had a legit reason to feel in the dumps, but, still... Anyways. Today, I did┬áall the yard work, and though I was sweaty, gross, and tired by the end, I was also happy at what I got… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts

Friday Musing

Over the past week, I've needed to depend on other people rather than myself. I've had to face the reality that, in some situations, I literally┬ácannot do everything that needs to be done. Moreover, I've been forced to rely on people who are not my family members, which is a huge stretch for me. Not… Continue reading Friday Musing

Wednesday Updates 5/9/18

Bird Watching: I have a small bird feeder in my backyard, and I've really enjoyed watching which birds come and enjoy the feast. Yesterday, I caught sight of a couple of these guys: I had no idea what they were, so I looked it up and discovered they were male Red-Winged Blackbirds. After that, I… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 5/9/18

I Homeschool This Way Because I Think It’s Fun

Do you actively enjoy homeschooling? You probably enjoy the extra free time, the flexibility, and a myriad of other things. But, do you enjoy the homeschooling itself? I enjoy some parts of it better than others, and which parts I enjoy more depends greatly on the day! One thing I've noticed, though, is that I… Continue reading I Homeschool This Way Because I Think It’s Fun

Wednesday Updates 5/2/17

Catching the wind: Cooking: For dinner tonight, we're having biscuits from Aldi and some turkey sausage patties, courtesy of yours truly. Also, I bought more zucchini without realizing we still had some in the fridge, so we're having zucchini!!!! I'm not sure what I would do if my kids tried to be picky eaters. I… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 5/2/17