Spring Break Quick Takes

I finally finished listening to the audio book Emma, by Jane Austen. Aside from wanting to stab Mrs. Elton in the eye, I enjoyed the book a lot! For whatever reason, I find it difficult to read literature from that period, even though I usually enjoy the stories and characters themselves. I'm debating listening to another Austen... Continue Reading →


Friday Mish-Mash

The history and the socio-political realities of medieval England are reflected in our language, which, honestly, is pretty darn cool. Similarly, did you know where the words "vandal" and "vandalism" come from? Why, the Sack of Rome, of course! A barbarian tribe called the Vandals sacked room and stripped away everything valuable they could find,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 3/14/18

Schooling: For the past few school days, Becky has been learning fractions. Talk about a useful piece of math, right? Music and cooking both use fractions, and I'm excited that she learned something some immediately applicable. To round off the chapter on fractions, we made cookies: specifically, the family snickerdoodle recipe. Oms noms noms!!! When... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 3/7/18

Reading: We finished The BFG, and we loved it. Somehow, I missed Roald Dahl during my childhood--there are so many good books in the world that you're bound to miss some of them, eh? I'm looking forward to exploring more of his works with my kiddos 🙂 I'd love to find something else just for me. At... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 2/28/18

Musings on Raising a Girl-Centric Girl: Pink and purple. Dolls. Dresses. Nightgowns, of course. Princesses. Heroines. A gold metal match in hockey? It better be the girls' team and not the boys'. My one and only daughter is decidedly feminine and girl-centric in her likes, dislikes, and tastes in television and books. My sisters have... Continue Reading →

Hello, Friday…

What a weird week... We had ice in Oklahoma this week, the result of which was essentially a shut down of the state for two days. Crazy... Because we homeschool, the kids were unaffected by the "ice days" given to other kids. Yeah, that's right... I had them do their school. Since we were pretty... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 2/14/18

Ah, Valentine's Day... tbh, it isn't a big deal in my life. It never has been, and I suspect it never will be. The Hubster and I are too absurdly practical in our love/life/marriage to think it wise to spend money on Valentine's on a fancy date or big gifts or anything like that. BUT!... Continue Reading →

Friday Mish-Mash

I didn't do a Wednesday Updates post this week. I guess I was just busy living life 🙂 Gardening: The warmest place for my seeds has been above the cabinet over the washer and dryer in the laundry room. I wasn't really expected success, but there ya go!!! I moved the seeds to the master... Continue Reading →

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