Friday Fun

  There are lots of articles about the mollycoddled state of millennials and younger generations, but this one is worth reading. It's a little too broad, in my opinion, but it makes some good points nevertheless. From these points, parents can, hopefully, see some ways in which they can help their children to be independent... Continue Reading →


Wednesday Updates 1/17/18

One day last week, mist floated over the ground--the picture here doesn't do it justice, since I couldn't quite capture it with my camera. It was misty and strange... then, the clouds swept over the sky with incredible speed that was amazing to behold. Then, it got cold. C-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold. School: Back to the weekly grind!... Continue Reading →

Friday Funtime

#momlife, am I right? Brrrrr...: You guys, it got COLD here yesterday! I woke up at 7:00 ish and the sky was partly cloudy with a pretty pink and purple sunrise. An grey mist hovered over the ground in many places, which was exceptionally pretty and unusual for around here. Then, closer to 8:00, the... Continue Reading →

Thursday Updates 1/4/17

Watching: Yesterday, we finally got to see Star Wars Episode VIII. Verdict: It was good! I'm really looking forward to the movies when we're no longer saying goodbye to the old guard, but I'm also glad that we're getting the chance to say goodbye to the heroes of episodes IV, V, and VI. I liked... Continue Reading →

2017 ~ What Happened

As 2017 draws to a close, I don't feel nearly as wound up about it as some people. I am neither jubilant nor in despair. I don't think my country is moving 100% in the right direction or 100% in the wrong direction. I didn't lose anybody close to me this year. I didn't have... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 12/27/17

2017 is nearly gone, y'all, and we're making our third annual holiday trip to Florida to see the Hubster's side of the family. On Friday, we fly! Only... not like that... More like this... Really, though, our kids have been pretty good flyers. We're bringing the wagon for the first time, so we'll see if... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 12/20/17

It really seems like Christmas is sneaking up on me this year, and I'm not sure why! I decorated the house right at the beginning of the month... I have all the presents purchased or made, and I think everything is wrapped that can be at this point. Still, I find it hard to believe... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 12/13/17

Watching: The Crown. It's a really, really good series, and so far Season 2 has not disappointed. However, I hope we get back to focusing on Elizabeth soon 🙂 We're only 3 episodes in, so we'll see how the season unfolds. Comics: I hadn't made a comic in a while, but I did the other day... Continue Reading →

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