Wednesday Updates 10/11/17

I dunno about you, but with me it seems like doctor and dentist appointments all come in  a big storm. That's what the current two weeks are like for us, and it doesn't end completely until some time next week. Last week, multiple visits for the kiddos. This week, doc and dentist for me. Here's... Continue Reading →


Keeping (My) Cool

It's Monday night as I write this post. We had a good day, actually... A good Monday with school, crafting, and a trip to Walmart. That being said, I feel like I failed. Even when I might be considered justified in losing my cool, I know I've failed my kids when I lose my cool.... Continue Reading →

Thursday Updates 10/5/17

Once again, I missed the Wednesday Updates post... so I'm posting on Thursday. Currently... Reading: I read Another Man's Ground by Claire Booth. It's a mystery set in Branson Country, Missouri, which is a nice change from everything being set in NYC or LA. It had a Justified or Longmire-ish feel, accordingly. Was it a fantastic book? No,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Chores

Hey there, Homeschool Mamas! How are you this Monday morning? Good? Bad? Tired? (I guess that one goes without saying) I'm staring at my calendar for the next two weeks and seeing dentist appointments, doctor appointments, and a science fair to finish preparing for. Just looking at it makes me a little anxious on the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 9/27/17

Homeschooling: The sweet librarian in the kids' section helped me find some easy reader science books about basic human anatomy. Now, Becky reads them aloud to Ray, and I drink coffee. Also, Audio Books really are amazing. We're listening to How to Speak Dragonese in the car right now as our "fun" book. We had been listening to The Boxcar... Continue Reading →

The World and Our Kids

I gotta admit it guys... sometimes the world is just too much. I go to Facebook to check up on my parents and siblings, and out of the corner of my eye I see some new piece of horrible news. Children brutally killed. Dictators threatening global war. Genocide halfway across the world. I have no... Continue Reading →

Thursday Updates 9/21/17

Let me explain this picture to you... This is my afternoon coffee, completely frozen, sitting inside a slightly larger cup that has hot water in it. I need to thaw the frozen coffee so that it is just refrigerated coffee and I can drink it. Earlier today, I put my leftover brew from this morning... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 9/13/17

Yesterday marked the 6-year anniversary of my daughter's due date. That was a long, long day. I sat around our little house in South Bend extremely fat, tired, and depressed because "It's not gonna happen." And it didn't. She was 4 days late, and those 4 days were an eternity. Anywhoo. Currently: Editing: I've been working... Continue Reading →

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