Wednesday Updates 8/16/17

Currently, I am.. Trying: To get back into blogging more regularly now that summer travel is over 🙂 Thankful For: A good summer. It didn't flash past, nor did it drag. We traveled as a couple and as a family, but we didn't spend the entire summer gone, which is good. We had hot summer... Continue Reading →

Friday Meme Roundup

It's back-to-school time, folks. Are you ready? Are you excited? I need to glance at my calendar and declare an "official" first day of school 😀 When I was a kid, I pretty much didn't look forward to school starting, despite the fact that you, ya know, get bored of summer eventually... I know I... Continue Reading →

Thursday Updates 8/10/17

Not at home, which means posts are scattered. Currently.... Crab Hunting: I'd never been down to the beach after dark, so this was a new experience 🙂 I took the kids with the neighbors down to the beach to hunt crabs (for fun). The kids all had their own flashlight, which of course was a... Continue Reading →

Week Update/Traveling!

We are... Traveling: We're in Florida with my in-laws until the end of this week--A final trip before the semester starts 🙂 Patrick experience his first commercial flight this go-round, and it went very well. All in all, Patrick is a very happy, easy toddler, so I wasn't expecting any major issues. But, hey, it's... Continue Reading →

Friday Musing

When it comes to interior design, homemaking, and all things house related, I can't help but notice that you put your time where you put your money. That is to say, if you put all your money into stuff for the TV room, chances are you're going to spend more time in the TV room... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 7/26/17

Reading: I finished Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz, and was very pleased. The novel was exactly what it needed to be, and it ended as it should. That being said, I thought the series probably should've ended a book or two previously. Organizing: I set up some new shelves and organized the garage, and my van... Continue Reading →

Friday Mish-Mash

Homeschool: Super cool geography exercise for young kids! (or older ones!) Methinks I shall employ this or something similar, and swiftly! Black homeschooling families are on the rise, and this is totally awesome. I love the word avast! Maybe I should start shouting it at the kids instead of "stop!" Random: This story is amazing... Scientists... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 7/19/17

  Right this moment, I am sitting on my front porch enjoying the fresh air and sunshine without actually being in the sunshine. I've found that the front porch can be a very pleasant place on these hot summer mornings. It stays shaded until mid-late afternoon, and as such it is naturally cooler here than the... Continue Reading →

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