Wednesday Updates 6/20/18

How is it already the 20th of June? Summer, please slow down!!!! This ornate box turtle was a big hit a few days ago. Buffy was very interested. We had another turtle (a different one, I think, because she had brown eyes and a scarred shell) hang out around our back porch for almost two… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 6/20/18


I Want a Simple Summer, Please

We're going to be hot and sweaty and just deal with it. We're going to play outside and smell like sunscreen. We're going to visit family. We're going to the pool. We're reading lots of books. We're playing (some) video games. We're hearing, "There's nothing to do!" a lot and then recommending simple summer things… Continue reading I Want a Simple Summer, Please

Wednesday Updates 5/23/18

Currently, I am... Reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I'm really not sure how I missed this book until now, seeing as how I studied the Classics as an undergraduate. I'm about halfway through and can't wait to see what happens next ­čÖé Watching: Travelers on Netflix. I was a huge┬áStargate SG1 fan back… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 5/23/18

Thursday Thoughts

Hey y'all, I missed my Wednesday Updates post because I was feeling tired and depressed. It happens. I had a legit reason to feel in the dumps, but, still... Anyways. Today, I did┬áall the yard work, and though I was sweaty, gross, and tired by the end, I was also happy at what I got… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts

Friday Musing

Over the past week, I've needed to depend on other people rather than myself. I've had to face the reality that, in some situations, I literally┬ácannot do everything that needs to be done. Moreover, I've been forced to rely on people who are not my family members, which is a huge stretch for me. Not… Continue reading Friday Musing

Wednesday Updates 5/9/18

Bird Watching: I have a small bird feeder in my backyard, and I've really enjoyed watching which birds come and enjoy the feast. Yesterday, I caught sight of a couple of these guys: I had no idea what they were, so I looked it up and discovered they were male Red-Winged Blackbirds. After that, I… Continue reading Wednesday Updates 5/9/18