Sorry for the no posts. As expected, I've been too busy having fun or sleeping to keep up with the blog while in the UK đŸ™‚ We started in Edinburgh and saw some castles, then we traveled to Loch Ness, and then to Durness up at the near-end of the world. Finally, we made our... Continue Reading →

First Oklahoma Garden: Update

First, it was this: Then, it was this: Now, it is this! My corn is ridiculously short, but it seems to be attempting to make ears... I've harvested one nice-sized zucchini and one tiny squash so far. The plants are slowly making more. What I've taken away from my first attempt at gardening here in... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 6/14/17

Currently... Planning/Packing/Making Checklists: The Hubster and I are going to the UK next week! At the moment, we're in that super-annoying stage of waiting. Waiting to mow the lawn one last time. Waiting to clean the bathrooms one last time. Waiting to pack. Waiting to prepare to leave. Grrr... It's my least favorite part of... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Grammar Snob

Okay. I admit it. I'm a grammar snob. Yes, I judge you by your grammar. Yes, your grammar mistakes in your Facebook posts make me grrrrrrrrrr. This is especially true if you're a homeschool mom. I know that homeschooling moms are guilty of all the same grammar mistakes that are common on the internet. However, it... Continue Reading →

Friday Mish-Mash

Happy Friday! It's been another busy week... Pics: No, I'm not being eco-friendly. My dryer broke đŸ˜¦ Honestly, though, I've been waiting for this to happen. We've had our Samsung washer and dryer for five years and never had to make a repair. I took apart the dryer and cleaned it out a couple months... Continue Reading →

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

  Do you know your neighbors? Have you tried? Did it even cross your mind one way or the other? I know that, these days, being neighborly has become a problem, and the topic receives attention now and then from various news outlets. Growing up, I didn't have the idealized "we all went outside and... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 6/6/17

Oh....My Gosh... You guys...   I'm so tired...   New Fav Thing: Summer is upon us, and my professor hubby is on break. As such, he started volunteering (!!!!) to keep the kids during the afternoon one or twice a week so that I can go have a little me-time in town. So far, I've... Continue Reading →

Friday Musings

Okay, so, I saw an article/comic this week that gave me mixed feelings. Check it out, please. It's interesting. the TL;DR is that women carry all the "mental load" in the family, and that men need to actively help not, not get mad and say "you should've asked!" I was reminded of this comic when... Continue Reading →

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