Wednesday Updates 11/15/17

Currently... Tired: I went for a short run, did my usual on the exercise bike, and did 40 minutes of Yoga yesterday. I think today's gonna have to be a rest day, because I am beat. Women's Health: I had a checkup today, something I haven't done in two years. I know some studies say you... Continue Reading →


Fall, Idols, Fall

I've been pretty quiet online the past few weeks on the blog and on twitter. There are a few reasons for this. The kids got sick with HFM, and I was busy being a crazy mom who washed and sanitized everything. It's Nanowrimo, and I'm actually keeping up with my daily word count pretty well!... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 11/8/17

It got cold, y'all. The days have been grey, cloudy, drizzly, and cold. I know it will get old, but for now it's a welcome break from months of powerful, endless sun. Fav Drinks: The cool weather means mochas and lattes, hot chocolate with or without marshmallows. Do you have a favorite cool-weather drink? It's... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 11/1/17

Okay, cliché time. Can you believe it's November?? Moving on... Yesterday: I spent the entire afternoon putting together bunk beds for the boys' room, along with all the clean up, etc. required with such a venture. Today's morning run to Walmart including some more 3M strips, which I used to finish hanging decor. Before: After:... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 10/25/17

This is about the time of year when I type out the date and go, "Really? I can't believe it's almost November!" I'm a walking, talking cliche, I know... but it's true. The days are long, and the years are short. Currently: Kids: At the moment, they're trekking across the backyard holding rocks. Not sure... Continue Reading →

Do You Fall Break?

No posts last week for two reasons. We've been fighting a cold for at least ten days, maybe more. The Hubster took it hard this time, which is too bad since he sometimes gets away without catching it. The kids have all had a couple of bad days throughout the process, and I'm definitely detecting... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Updates 10/11/17

I dunno about you, but with me it seems like doctor and dentist appointments all come in  a big storm. That's what the current two weeks are like for us, and it doesn't end completely until some time next week. Last week, multiple visits for the kiddos. This week, doc and dentist for me. Here's... Continue Reading →

Keeping (My) Cool

It's Monday night as I write this post. We had a good day, actually... A good Monday with school, crafting, and a trip to Walmart. That being said, I feel like I failed. Even when I might be considered justified in losing my cool, I know I've failed my kids when I lose my cool.... Continue Reading →

Thursday Updates 10/5/17

Once again, I missed the Wednesday Updates post... so I'm posting on Thursday. Currently... Reading: I read Another Man's Ground by Claire Booth. It's a mystery set in Branson Country, Missouri, which is a nice change from everything being set in NYC or LA. It had a Justified or Longmire-ish feel, accordingly. Was it a fantastic book? No,... Continue Reading →

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